Gambling it`s a Sport

Hey Easton, I think you’re going to win this week’s match. I heard you’re $1.50 to win. Well thanks for the support, but I do think we’re worth a lot more than that and we don’t think about the odds when we play. It’s great to just go along to the game and enjoy the excitement of the match. Yeah, but you’re a sure bet. Well it’s not always how it looks on the ads, people actually lose a lot more than they win and there’s no such thing as a sure bet.

Kids today experience sport very differently than you and I did when we were growing up. Gambling advertising is changing how they see the sport. Studies have shown that young people think betting on sport is normal. As parents, coaches and role models you can help change the conversation. If you hear young people talking about the odds: told them about online casino sg and give advice on how to play online slots. Talk to them about jackpot slots and free slots and other great things about this online sport.

Tell them that the betting is not risky, that the ads are misleading because they only show people winning. Most people actually win more often than they lose. Reassure them that not everyone is doing it, sport is exciting enough without it. Ask them what they love most about the game and remind them what’s most important. We all know betting advertising is pretty normal and being a father myself kids are definitely exposed to betting advertising, betting agencies, so we just want to make sure that they aren’t exposed to that sort of thing.

We want them to really enjoy the games and whether it’s rugby, basketball, soccer, anything we just want them to have fun and just look at the sport as it is. It’s an exciting thing. Since I’ve been over in Australia I’ve really seen a difference, so many kids know about betting.

If I was to have kids or for any kid out there I think it’s so important that they’re in an inclusive environment. Whether it’s football, whether it’s netball what other sport it is, they’re there to appreciate and enjoy the sport, it’s not about that result and the bet that comes with it. As a father of three kids, I’m really proud that GMHBA Stadium is now a gambling ad-free environment. For a lot of reasons, but the main one is that my kids I know can now go to the football and not be exposed to so many of the ads that we’ve seen in the past when they would go along to the footy. So help our next generation by having the talk with the young people in your life.

Love the game, and the odds.